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Meet Miralva Melo


Born in Bahia Brasil, Miralva Melo came to the United States more than a decade ago. Her enthusiasm in caring for people through massage grew as she found her natural talents and learned innovative ways to develop her skill. Miralva graduated as a massage therapist with honors from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 2011. She also studied sacred dance, Reiki, Ashiatsu and Natural Medicine in her home country. 


​Miralva was born in a community of curandeiros (healers), where her grandmother was a priestess and midwife. This community where people celebrated life with ritual dance and music shaped Miralva into an intuitive healer. She spent most of her childhood learning natural and spiritual healing methods from her grandmother such as how to identify herbs to treat different conditions and how to make body creams and salves to treat wounds.


In 1999, Miralva began to study at UNIRAAM (Universidade de Reconstrução  Ancestral Amorosa) the healing center of Gorge Conceição. A very respected healer in Bahia. There she learned about macrobiotic cuisine, natural clay therapy using cataplasma/poultice, healing bath soaks and the subtle healing power of energy healing through the hands.


​Miralva is a Birth Doula, Curandeira, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master &  a certified Shamanic Yoga Instructor with decades of experience in movement and sacred healing arts including Shamanic Sound Therapy, Ayurveda, and Divine Feminine Therapies. Miralva studied Wisdom of water, plants and prayers with Rosita Avirgo in Belize. She study Maya Ancestral healing modalities included  Abdominal massage in Mexico. Miralva attended " First Generation Lypossage Trainer", with Charles W. Wiltsie III, Miralva is certified Birth Doula from Dona Institute. She is also the founder of  Awakebliss Woman's Retreat. 


​Miralva is Reiki Master, she also specializes in Craniosacral therapy, Chakra balance massage, Holistic massage, Prenatal, Swedish, Lymphatic drainage, Shirodhara (head massage), Ayurvedic massage, Reflexology, Thai massage, Mayan Abdominal massage. Yoga dance flow, sacred healing arts including Spiritual Bathing, Shamanic sound bath therapy,  Divine feminine therapies and Body Contouring Lypossage.


​She is a healer in every sense whose work is seeped in knowledge and insight. Through her touch and wise guidance, Miralva’s clients feel powerful alignment instantly. 


Miralva is passionate about her work and considers it an honor to help people improve their lives by assisting in their recovery, aiding in their de-stressing process and helping them strengthen and repair their physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Miralva is knowledgeable and insightful and works within each client’s comfort level to achieve their best outcome. 


Her goals and intentions are to enhance mobility, improve flexibility, and open pathways and new visions, enabling clients to be more abundant in all aspect of their physical, mental and spiritual bodies


She is gratified by the impact massage therapy has on her clients and loves the reward of helping people recover from pain and enhancing their wellness. When she is not at work Miralva enjoys spending time developing her personal growth. 


​Miralva's massages, Spiritual therapy, Reiki and guided therapies are not to be missed!

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