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Lypossage Training 

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32 Approved CE Hours by NCBTMB

Lypossage Training

Finally, A Body Contouring Treatment That Delivers Measurable Results!


Continuing Education in one of the World’s Leading ALL-NATURAL BODY CONTOURING Massage Therapy  Programs 


Who? Miralva Melo-Swaby, LMT- Founding Faculty Team Member 


What? Lypossage® Training- Continuing Education in one of the World’s Leading ALL-NATURAL BODY CONTOURING Massage Therapy  Programs – Online Options Available 


When? December 10-13, 2021 (Keep your eyes open for 2022 training dates) 


Where? 4625 SW 31st Drive, West Park, Florida 33023 (510) 833-4272


Why? Becoming a Lypossage Therapist has many benefits, both for you as well as your client plus 32 Approved CE Hours by NCBTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork)


Becoming a Lypossage Massage Therapist has many benefits.


Lypossage has helped Massage Therapists 

  • Increase your income earning potential –  earn as much as $200 per hour

  • Another modality to add to your practice 

  • Less work while getting excellent client results

  • Rewarding to see clients accomplish goals and resulting happiness


All Lypossage classes provide intensive hands-on training. Students are provided with written instruction and marketing direction and support. Lypossage can only be performed by a certified Lypossage therapist. Be one of the first therapists in your area to offer this much in-demand service!


How Is Lypossage Taught?

Lypossage is performed on the hips, thighs, and lower abdomen (Zone 1), as well as the upper body, including the arms (Zone 2) and the face, and neck (Zone 3).  Lypossage Zones 1-3 is taught as a 3-day class and offers 32 CEs.  Class involves both lecture as well as hands-on.  


The treatment is a specific blend of massage modalities that originate from physical therapy, including lymphatic drainage and deep tissue release. Charles W. Wiltsie III, a nationally recognized massage therapy educator and practitioner, created Lypossage. Mr. Wiltsie conducted a year-long study of 100 female subjects that documented the effectiveness of the technique, which was published in Massage and Bodywork magazine in 1999. In the study, notable results included an average inch loss per thigh of almost 1.5 inches.


Lypossage Training Schedule

The following it the Lypossage Training Schedule for Lypossage Zones 1, 2 and 3. 


Lypossage Zones 1, 2 and 3 

Work smarter not harder!!!!Learn the most profitable service performed by days spas and increase your income by earning up to $200 per hour. Just one client will double your investment. Lypossage is a specific blend of massage techiniques that originate from physical therapy, lymphatic drainage and deep tissue release. This massage modality will allow you to help your clients to tone their skin, flush toxins and improve their shape. You will learn all three Lypossage zones – Zone 1 consists of upper legs, buttocks and lower abdomen; Zone 2 consists of back, ribs, arms and chest; Zone 3 consists of face and head. During class you will receive a Lypossage Training Manual, extensive hands-on training, product information, marketing materials and on-going support. I  will have Lypossage products for use in class as well as having products available for purchase to take home to work on your clients.



Lypossage is the most respected body contouring technique offered in the United States and has been approved for both Florida and National CEU's. This technique boasts the best return on investment in the business, as this is a progressive massage program that requires up to 18 sessions for completion. At fees ranging from $120 to $200 for each half-hour session, just one client can more than triple your initial class investment. And there are plenty of clients to choose from.

Instructor: Miralva Melo Swaby

Dates:  TBA (you can email/phone me if you would like to schedule a 1-to-1 training)

Time: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. daily (1 hour lunch)

Cost: $795 Live Class-  Online $349

Location:  West Park, Soul Florida 

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Please enroll early to ensure your place in class. Our class size limits are strictly enforced.

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